It is possible to enroll in all years of our school, from 3rd grade of elementary school (Year 3) to the 1st year of the Diploma Programme DP1 (Year 11). An entry test must be passed before enrollment, unless the number of applicants is less than the available spots.

New enrollments for DP2 (Year 12) are not accepted.

Below are the steps to enroll in our school.

STEP 1: Registration for the entry test

Open the website below and fill out the pre-registration form following all instructions.

To fill out the form, a new account must be created in our system, OpenApply. It is important to keep the account credentials to have access to future information and continue the registration procedure.

Attention: a payment by bank transfer of 50 € will be requested, and the most recent school report card of the student will have to be uploaded.

Further details on entry tests and recommendations on how to prepare for each test can be found at the end of this document.

Step 2: Entry test

The school will inform families of the test dates. The tests will be held at our school and will be administered on computers, if possible. Tests in Italian and English will be in the respective language. The Mathematics test will be in Italian, unless a family specifically asks for a Math test in English (such a request can be made when filling out the pre-registration in Step 1).

Generally tests are held in January and, if there are more spots available, in May also.

Step 3: Results

If a student passes all sections of the written test held in January, the family will be informed by email and the student will have to pass an oral test on the same subjects. All the others will receive an email from the school and will be given the chance to retry in May those sections of the test that were not passed.

Admission to the oral test does not necessarily mean that the oral test will be passed. Some students might be asked to come back in May to retry some sections of the written test, if the result was borderline, even though they were admitted to the oral test in January. At the end of the oral test, a merit ranking of all students who passed the tests will be published with the final score (the score will be the sum of the written and the oral tests). Based on the available spots, the first students in the ranking will be admitted to the school. For the January session, should any spots remain open, they will be available again in the May session. The merit ranking published for the May session will be considered as final.

Students who passed the tests but are not admitted due to unavailability of spots will be admitted only in case of dropouts.

We reserve the right to deny admission to students based on our professional judgment. In particular, students showing disrespect for rules during any of the tests, or found copying from others, will be excluded from the selection process. Our decision is incontestable, as well as our evaluation of the tests.

Step 4: Enrollment

Admitted students can enroll in our school by presenting the following documentation:

A signed copy of the contract, which will be sent to families after the May tests (also to students admitted in January).

A copy of the receipt as proof of payment of the school registration fee (the amount will be specified in the contract).

The ISEE declaration, if necessary, to benefit from reduced fees.

If enrollment is for Year 11 (DP1), the DP subjects choice and respective levels, using the appropriate document sent by the Admissions office.

ATTENTION: Those who are not granted admission in January must pre-register with a state school so as to not lose their rightful spot. If they are  admitted to our school at a later time, they will have to inform the state school about their transfer.

Below is a description of what the entry test will be like.





Available in Italian or English


Based on the following levels


Only if necessary

PRIMARY YEAR3 Based on INVALSI tests Based on INVALSI tests No test No test
PRIMARY YEAR4 Based on INVALSI tests Based on INVALSI tests No test No test
PRIMARY YEAR5 Based on INVALSI tests Based on INVALSI tests No test No test
MYP1 Reading comprehension + grammar questions The four operations, decimal numbers, units of length, weight and capacity, angles, triangles, basic two-dimensional shapes

Interpreting and reading basic statistical graphs, divisibility criteria

KET (A2)  
MYP2 Reading comprehension + grammar questions + short writing composition Operations with fractions, divisions, prime numbers, powers, triangles and quadrilaterals, basic statistics (mean, mode, median) PET (B1) A1
MYP3 Reading comprehension + grammar questions + short writing composition Fractions, percentages, proportions, basic geometry problems, including quadrilaterals, statistics (charts), coordinates system PET (B1) A1/A2
MYP4 Reading comprehension + questions testing linguistic skills See MYP3 + monomials and polynomials, basic probability, coordinates (distance between two points, midpoint), basic three-dimensional shapes

Laws of indices, converting between units in of the International System, elementary number sequences, elementary notions of cinematics and applications.

FCE (B2) A2
MYP5 Reading comprehension of a work of prose with questions on narratology Equations and inequalities, polynomial division, algebraic fractions, equations system, equations of a straight line, statistics (boxplot, cumulative frequency) FCE (B2) A2/B1
DP1 Reading comprehension of a work of poetry with questions on figure of speech See MYP5 + functions (linear, quadratic, exponential), linear regressions, quadratic equations, basic probability of events, operations with irrational numbers CAE (C1) B1
DP2 No new students can be admitted in DP2

As to the third language, the necessity of another exam will be determined for each case.

(*) these tests are for mother-tongue students. For students of Italian as a foreign language, the test will be a reading comprehension with oral questions based on the number of years the student has studied Italian.

Tips for the Italian test

For MYP1, 2, 3, 4 and Primary Years:

See INVALSI tests on the following website as our tests are based on those:

On the internet you can find many websites that offer tests based on INVALSI tests, like this one:

For MYP5 and DP1:

For these tests students will be asked to analyze elements of literature. Those studied by students in their previous school can be used as exercises.

Tips for the English test

1) Grammar and language exercises:

2) Comprehension exercises: watching movies, TV series and cartoons in English, possibly with English subtitles:

Tips for the Math test

1) Any online resource or book to prepare for the INVALSI test, like those recommended for Italian, in particular:

For MYP1: 5th elementary Invalsi:

For MYP4: 3rd middle school Invalsi:

2) in particular:

For MYP1: see Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 exercises

For MYP4: see Grade 5, Grade 6 e Grade 7 exercises