International water day




The Water Day Project was born from an idea of the students of Class X and is included in the interdisciplinary didactic unit related to water. From this new understanding sprung the need to implement a school water policy, mapping available institute water points, designing and posting up eloquent notices highlighting both the importance of saving water as well as some simple norms related its use.d the topic of sustainability, focusing on the importance of fresh water and its fragile equilibrium in detail.

Since the beginning, the students have also reflected on the need to awaken their younger schoolfellows regarding this important sustainability topic and decided to organize an information-game day with drinking water as the protagonist.




The BIG Day: Water Day took place on March the 21st, very close to the actual date of International Water Day. During the event the students of Class X managed all the activities involving the Middle Year Program students, from Class VI to Class IX. The morning started by giving two presentations related to the world-wide water issue and the new School Water Policy. Then, also thanks to the nice weather conditions, all activities were performed in Villa Croce.

To welcome all, the students invited the participants to a healthy, delightful snack they themselves prepared or brought, followed by a fundraising event to finance a non-profit organization engaged with well drinking water construction in poor countries.  85 euros were collected during this event and donated to the “Charity Water” organization.

All the participants attended the event happily and took part in activities with enthusiasm and serenity in a safe atmosphere. At the end of day the students of Class X were really exhausted, but very proud for being capable of successfully organizing this BIG DAY, our DIS Water Day- involving so many people working in groups and harmony. It seemed the perfect touch to a week of wellness activities and talks at school.After the snack and fundraising, the games designed by the students were performed- joining fun and information. The proposed games were:  The “maybe not all know what”-water quiz; “save the balloon – playing with water balloons without breaking them”; “handkerchief game with quiz – it is not enough to be the fastest, but also to know the answer to a question on water”; and lastly, an obstacle course to run with a sponge full of water in hand – the winning Team the one that lost the least water from the sponge.


Serena Salis and Donna Lee Perez.