Humans of DIS - MYP5 and DP1 Italian B


Five Italian B students have interviewed and photographed a variety of DIS students, professors and staff to create a map of portraits and celebrate diversity within our school. There are portraits of people from Genoa and other cities, kids with foreign parents, professors that moved to Italy from abroad… demonstrating that somehow, sooner or later in our life, we all have to deal with migration.

Moreover, many traits emerging from the interviews show how similar we all are from a human point of view, but at the same time special, unique and unrepeatable.


Atalay Beatrice Camila Clarissa Costanza Cristina Daniele Dudu
Emanuele Francesco Giacomo Giulia Jaqueline Joseph Julia Marco L
Marco P Mario Mark Mrs. Abrile Mr. Andreani Mr. Ebury Mrs. Bender Mrs. Perez
Mrs. Rampone Mrs. Terlato Papa Sofia Tiziano Vanda Zahid